September 28th – The Week in E-Learning

Photo credit:  Ekaterina Minaeva/Alamy

The Atlantic: Are the online courses intended to democratize education actually widening the inequality gap? View the comments for some alternative views and discussion.

Inside Higher Ed: Data scientist Cathy O’Neil’s book takes a critical look at the impact of big data on higher education and other industries in her new book, Weapons of Math Destruction.

EdSurge: For adaptive learning technologies to catch on, faculty leaders will need to provide ongoing training and support their educators. Here’s how.

EdSurge: In online courses, students need to do more than show up to show engagement. This article shares suggested interventions to help students connect with the virtual learning environment.

eLearning Industry: What can the popularity and decline of Pokémon GO teach us about gamification?

I review current articles on the teaching and learning and technology issues and topics shaping higher education. Each week, I share my recommended reading as a resource for educators and administrators. Feel free to suggest topics and share feedback! View previous weeks on my wordpress blog.



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