October 5th – The Week in E-Learning


Rutgers University: Rutgers will be joining the growing ranks of colleges and universities leveraging technology to make college textbooks more affordable.

Forbes: When it’s time to get a job, where you studied will soon be outweighed by how well you demonstrate related skills. These 10 signals illustrate the shift to competency-based hiring.

The Huffington Post: Before Jeremy Rogoff was the CEO of an edtech startup, he was a high school math teacher. In this interview, he shares insights about how his background as an educator impacted the genesis and development of KickUp, a leading learning data analytics company.

Tech Republic: A former MIT Dean plans in 2020 to open the doors of a radically new university. The school responds to the need for traditional university models to catch up with current technology trends by employing technology, project-based learning, interdisciplinary study, and open-source learning resources.

Inside Higher Ed: The University of Texas will be partnering with Salesforce to create a new learning management system for competency-based programs.

I review current articles on the teaching and learning and technology issues and topics shaping higher education. Each week, I share my recommended reading as a resource for educators and administrators. Feel free to suggest topics and share feedback! View previous weeks on my wordpress blog.

Photo credit:  Ekaterina Minaeva/Alamy


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